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What We Do
The Edo Style Sushi Cart  
When sushi gained popularity in the early 1800's,
When Tokyo was still known as Edo,
Mobile sushi carts run by street vendors
Became the new fast food. Centuries later,
Sushi still provides diners with a quick and healthy alternative.

SushiByNight honors this early tradition by offering or own Edo Style Sushi Cart.

Find us at the Colorado Convention Center
and similar events

= 20% coupon.

The Edo Sushi Cart is available for your next festival or event.

  Sushi Rolling Class - Basic
Learn To Roll Your Own in this specialized class where we discuss history, etiquette and what not-to-do at a sushi bar. Each guest will tend their own Sushi Station and get Hands-On experience with six of the most common styles of presentation: Sashimi, Nigiri, Gunkan, Temaki, Maki and Urumaki. Students will enjoy their own creations and go home with a Goody Bag filled with toys and secrets to start preparing sushi at home. Available as a stand alone class or combine with The Sushi Bar at no extra charge.

Basic menu starts at $55 a person / 8 person minimum.

The Self-Service Sushi Bar  
Imagine a sushi station at a wedding reception and you'll have an idea how this event serves up. Available for Weddings, Private Parties, Promotional Events and more... The Self-Service Sushi Bar is elegantly arranged by our on-site staff providing your guests with a succulent sushi array including the necessary accompaniments; soy, wasabi, ginger, chopsticks. Choose a-la-carte from our menu or let us help you customize the perfect menu. This event begins at $250 per hour with a 3 hour minimum and includes 2 on-site sushi chefs. Feel free to contact us with any questions so we may help you get the most out of your event.
  The Sushi Bar aka House Party
We Bring the Sushi Experience to You! Enjoy a multi-course meal including sushi chef, server, and serving china in the private venue of your choosing. Guests will enjoy courses of appetizers, sashimi, nigiri and various maki specialties. We offer unique custom packages starting at $50 per person and no one has ever left hungry. There is an 8 person minimum for this event and Tempura, Hibachi or Yakitori may be added for additional fee.
Gourmet Delivery  
Provide us with 48 hours advance notice and we'll deliver Gourmet Sushi to your event. Customize your menu or choose from pre-selected party trays. Delivery comes with all condiments and utensils necessary for your enchanted meal. There is a $60 minimum and 48 hour advance notice for Gourmet Delivery.
Feel free to contact us regarding wholesale opportunities. If there is an event we can co-brand, co-sponsor or you just would like sushi as an adjunct to your service, we may accommodate you with wholesale pricing. Please contact sales@sushibynight.com for more information
We Bring the Sushi Bar to You!
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